Wendy Ducharme

As a lifelong wordsmith with a penchant for tackling tricky topics, Wendy is our go-to person to help clients distill information and communicate it clearly.


If an aspiring journalist were to ask Wendy for career advice, she would likely implore them not to attempt to launch a career in D.C. during a recession. If that suggestion seems overly specific, it’s because that is precisely how she started out. When jobs in journalism were tight, she pivoted to become a copywriter and PR specialist at a D.C. agency. When life brought her to New Hampshire, she operated a small PR firm before focusing on writing as she raised her two children.

Since then, she has written for all types of clients about a mind-boggling array of topics. She has retained a journalist’s curiosity and relishes learning about new topics and writing about them in various forms. The result is an eclectic array of knowledge (which she says should result in champion trivia contest skills but does not), as well as a proven mastery in translating complex topics for the layperson and distilling information to yield actionable insights.


With a lifelong love of the written word, it should come as little surprise that Wendy works at a local library in her downtime – although there is not much of that when you own a 1770’s farmhouse. Her own home reflects a passion for preserving the character of wonderful old buildings and she regularly seeks out “general stores with creaky floors” when exploring a new area. Just don’t let her affinity for history lull you into thinking she’s not always on the move – when she’s not hiking on trails, volunteering with the Southeast Land Trust (SELT) of NH or ushering attendees to their seats at the Palace Theatre, you might just be one of the many to recognize her as “that lady I see walking everywhere!”

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