graphic designer

Skylar Curtis

Whoever claimed that “the pen is mightier than the sword” has clearly not seen Skylar in action with a paintbrush or digital stylus. She’s a champion for others and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to visual storytelling across digital and analog media alike. Her calm and softspoken nature belies the focus and drive of someone utterly determined to change the world by making it a more beautiful, equitable and fun place for all.


For as long as she can remember, Sky has held a profound love for art in all forms. It began with the adoring mentorship of her grandmother, a teacher and talented illustrator who would delight and inspire the young minds of Sky and her peers with personalized creations. It wasn’t until years later in school that Sky was assigned the task of designing an advertisement and realized the potential for a creative person like herself to find success that went beyond simply being an artist. Armed with a myriad of media ranging from the easel to the screen, she sees graphic design as being “art to help the world.”

Education: Associate degree in Applied Science in Graphic Design from Manchester Community College and a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a Studio Art Minor from Keene State College


Though she can create beautiful and compelling works, don’t go thinking it’s all work and no play for Sky – she still loves to let loose, have fun, and “draw like a child” in her spare time, like dreaming up personalities for her two Beta fish in a series of comic strips. Family and nature are grounding forces and sources of inspiration in her life and after growing up next door to the ancestral family farm with five siblings, a cat and two dogs, you can be sure she’s got plenty of inspiration.

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