Strategic Operations Manager

John Desmond

How does one person move a mountain? The answer is simple: assemble a multi-talented team to tackle it together! An inquisitive Jack-of-all-trades and charismatic collaborator, John lives for the experience of helping others achieve the seemingly impossible almost as much as he enjoys telling the tale of it afterwards. This born storyteller loves making the mundane magnificent, ensuring that whatever needs doing gets done, and making a few new friends along the way.


A man of many talents, John has had a hand in the creation of media ranging from booklets to billboards and is equally comfortable seated in front of a computer screen or standing behind a podium. Once described by a colleague as “almost frustratingly calm” in times of chaos, John has helped past clients in communicating updates ranging from labor strikes and power outages to website launches and grand openings. Never one to be put in a box, he has tweeted for telecoms, posted pictures for non-profits, and crafted killer copy for cars, chocolates, and cash logistics services.


Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Champlain College


Don’t let the stoic facade fool you: one mention of cute, furry animals and John will be proudly showing off pictures of his cats or pulling up archived Instagram stories of noteworthy dogs befriended over the years. A lifelong New Englander with a passion for the outdoors, John is happiest when navigating the backcountry on his snowboard, climbing a rock wall, or simply wandering through the woods, mountains, and waterways of his New Hampshire home.

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