Senior Account Manager

Jennifer Sperazzo

If you really want to stand out, don’t settle for ordinary – instead, talk to Jen. This visionary marketer has the superpower of transforming everyday experiences into the events that people gush about for weeks afterwards. Why stop at a poster when she can get you a chalk artist and a mural? Why stop at coordinating transportation for clients when you can get them a ride-along in a racecar, too? If you want to ensure your message is truly seared into the minds of your audience, follow her lead: build a grill with custom-branded grates for an experience that will far outlast the last hamburger at the BBQ.

Jen Sperazzo


An experienced marketing and communications professional, Jen has an impressive track record of managing projects and partnerships alike. Before joining the team at Cookson Communications, she spent nearly three decades at various agencies in southern New Hampshire and Boston where she drafted and implemented marketing and communications plans, planned and executed promotional events, and worked alongside creative teams to ensure deliverables were within budget and above expectations. No stranger to hard work and with a strong attention to detail, she’s a true team player who is passionate about not only scoring a win for her clients but tracking the gameplay to do it again and again.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communications; Minor in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire (UNH).


When Jen isn’t the one running the show, you can find her cheering on her boys from the front row. From New York City stages and studios to the turf of Wildcat Stadium at UNH, this NH-native and mother of two loves seeing her sons in their respective element and enjoying weekly dates with her husband. Don’t go thinking that it’s all work and no play for Jen, though; ask her about the time she got to relive the 80’s as a movie extra or the short list of states in the US she hasn’t visited!

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