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Meredith Noyes joins The Superhero Project’s Artist Advisory Committee

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Superman!

Hearing those words at any age sparks nostalgia. Dating back to the early 1930s, superheroes have fulfilled the hearts and minds of all cultures. The names Superman and Batman – created back in 1938 and 1939 – were among the first to become famous and these bigger-than-life characters have ignited fantasy while teaching morals and courage to children and adults, alike for generations. But, for some children, the term superhero also inspires hope and healing.

While most people use their imagination to see superheroes come to life, Meredith Noyes chief creative officer at Cookson Communications, sees the everyday heroes before their superhero alter ego comes to life in an illustration. As a member of the Artist Advisory Committee for The Superhero Project, she shares her creativity and imagination with digital artists worldwide for this truly impactful initiative.

“Working on The Superhero Project is incredibly rewarding,” stated Meredith. “Creating superhero personas for these children and families brings me such joy and lets them see themselves in fun and creative ways.”

superhero illustrations of children
A few of Meredith’s designs for The Superhero Project.

The Superhero Project, launched in 2017, collaborates with artists across the globe who dedicate time to create superhero characters for children with serious illnesses and disabilities. The visual representations showcase their courage and resilience while building confidence, showing them what they stand for, what superpowers they have and how they make the world a better place. Through the process, children are interviewed about their superhero alter egos which are then transformed into illustrations by the artists. After the drawing is completed, families receive the poster illustrations of their own superhero to help inspire the future while serving as a memento they can cherish forever.

“Meredith is an award-winning designer, art director and overall brand builder,” said Matt Cookson, president and CEO of Cookson Communications. “But beyond her professional accolades and accomplishments, she has a heart for the world around her, and she uses her creativity to visualize and tell awesome stories.”

Meredith began illustrating for The Superhero Project in 2020. Since then, she has completed 15 illustrations bringing joy to the superheroes and their families. In her role on the Artist Advisory Committee, Meredith helps guide artist recruitment and organizational partnerships and has been featured in The Superhero Project’s art gallery, University Hospitals Rainbow Center for Women and Children in Cleveland, Ohio.

“We are honored to have Meredith as a part of the team, especially since she’s already given us so much countless joyful superhero designs,” said Lisa Kollins, founder and executive director of The Superhero Project. “Her creativity and professional experience – both as an artist and in communications – is tremendously valuable as we find meaningful ways to showcase the awesomeness of kids.”

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young girl holds up her superhero project illustration

(Photo shared with permission) Kind and determined, caring and brave – that’s how you describe Superstar! This sweet superhero is on a mission to help people who are sick, and she soars across the sky on her rainbow scooter to wherever she’s needed. Her stethoscope helps her figure out exactly what everyone needs, and her magic wand creates the delicious mac and cheese that soothes everyone’s spirits. Her loyal and loving sidekick Bunny Baby is ready to join every adventure. Superstar is filled with energy that beams from her beautiful smile. Her strong will and courage mean that she faces every challenge with spunk and spirit – just watch her succeed with style! Created by A. (age 5) and Designed by Meredith Noyes.

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