Matt Cookson named one of the Granite State's Most Influential Business Leaders

Matt Cookson named one of the Granite State’s Most Influential Business Leaders

New Hampshire Business Review honored Matt Cookson during the inaugural New Hampshire 200 Reception event, which recognized the most influential business leaders in the Granite State’s private sector.

The New Hampshire 200 list is the product of a year-long research initiative to highlight and learn more about the leaders from every region of the state who have had the greatest impact on the state’s economy, business climate and quality of life.

Highlight of Matt Cookson

Career history: Cookson began his career as a press secretary in the Connecticut House of Representatives before moving to Washington, D.C., and eventually returning to Connecticut to work at the University of Connecticut and in the state government. He eventually moved to New Hampshire, where he worked as director of government relations for PC Connection and then the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, and as director of public information for New England College before becoming associate vice chancellor of external relations for the University System of New Hampshire. In 2010, he founded Cookson Communications and shortly after that became the executive director of the NH Tech Alliance, a position he held until 2019.

p. 70 of the New Hampshire 200 Reception catalog

Most important business lesson you’ve learned: You need to get out of your business to get into it. Running a business does not allow time to think about longer term direction or your vision. It’s critical to carve out special time for that kind of thinking.

Fun fact: My father is known as the founder of modern music theory, having been the first to use recording technology in a classroom. Unfortunately, I did not get the music genes.

Favorite part of living in New Hampshire: You can meet anyone in New Hampshire – there are only about two degrees of separation.

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