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Cookson is proud to be in MHT

Here’s how we helped new community initiative Manchester Proud find its visual personality.

If you haven’t yet heard about Manchester Proud, allow us to introduce you. Manchester Proud is a community-based group and movement working in partnership with the area business community, local school district and others to envision, plan, and achieve success in public schools across the Queen City. It’s a true public-private partnership, with no affiliations or political stance apart from the goal of enabling all students to be successful. The energy behind Manchester Proud is palpable, and exactly what we wanted to capture when the organization’s planners asked us to create its brand.

Manchester Proud will rely on parents, students, educators, and other members of the community to shape and drive a collaborative strategic planning process for the Manchester School District. With such a diverse audience, Manchester resident and Cookson Chief Creative Officer Meredith Noyes knew a successful logo and brand would have to be fun, active, and inclusive – all while being flexible enough to demonstrate the idea of “pride” no matter how you define it.
Manchester Proud Logo by Cookson Communications
“We thought about all of the things that we are proud of about our city, and how they’re all intertwined with education and dependent upon the success of future generations,” Noyes said. “The colors and the graphics are a nod to the diversity we have here while the overall imagery makes it clear that there’s so much to be proud of if you simply look for it.”

Manchester Proud’s new logo also brings the city’s colloquial abbreviation (and corresponding airport code) MHT into the conversation as one more way to identify with the city, harkening opportunities for taglines and additional brand building around the idea of being “Proud to be in MHT.”

Here’s why Manchester Proud’s mission speaks to us: our entire team works in a historic building at the corner of Lowell and Kosciusko streets in the heart of Manchester’s bustling downtown. Some of us grew up here and can thank Manchester schools for providing a strong foundation for becoming successful adults. Others live here, volunteer here, own businesses here, nurture families here, have fun here, have moved here, and spend time building lives in and around this city. But to ensure these opportunities exist for everyone now and in the future, we must always have great schools here.

We’re so proud to be working with Manchester Proud that we signed on as an early Champion for Student Success and look forward to helping the group’s founders, coordinators, and fellow champions support this effort. You can view the impressive list of businesses, organizations, and individuals involved at and learn how you too can become involved.

You can sign up to be a Manchester Proud supporter at

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