Closing remarks from a communications intern

As I sit down to write my closing remarks on the chapter that was my time at Cookson Communications, I cannot help but feel as if I was introducing myself just yesterday. The flowers and welcoming note that were perched on my desk my first day are no longer here, but instead replaced by the blue mail bin that originally sat on the windowsill. Concrete changes serve as my clock. I suppose the shock of passed time is due to that age-old saying about its way of flying fast when you’re having a good time.

And I absolutely have been.

Working at Cookson was all I could have asked for and more in an internship. Not only did I get to write, exercising my passion, but its small, intimate team allowed me to pick up on some amazing traits in my coworkers that I will take with me in whatever comes next:

The CEO himself oversaw my blog posts, giving the best he had to offer to my writing, while Dia gave me the special chance to watch her work firsthand with clients and give me tasks that stemmed far past printer duties and stapling. I had an incredibly vibrant and passionate writer to look up to in Teresa, witnessed mix of tenacity and warmth that is Deb while she dove into her Mondays, and was able to thoroughly appreciate seeing how one can be a quiet leader and have a loud impact, thanks to Marian. I saw how important being detail-oriented and determined to get the best outcome is through Meredith, and the darn best customer service I’ve ever seen, within every fiber of Lee Ann’s being (a member of the NH Tech Alliance team who shares our office space).

It’s safe to say I have had an essential summer of growth thanks to working at Cookson. In addition to how much those around me have impacted me, I have learned a great deal about the communications world. Before I parked on 36 Lowell Street for the first time, the only branch of communications I had worked with professionally was journalism. Interning at Cookson gave me the opportunity to learn aspects like professional social media and the best ways to reach target audiences, how to create local and national media lists from scratch, interviewing skills to get the most integral information for press releases, and so much more.

As I take my first communications-related college courses in the fall, I have no doubt that my time working and learning at Cookson will serve me well within the classroom. While waiting for my next opportunity to exercise the agency-related skills I have learned this summer, I plan to reminisce on coffee runs and sunny walks down Elm Street with my boss Dia, the quiet, free-of-distractions space of our office and that bright orange couch that is as comfy as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you, Cookson Communications for an unforgettable work experience! The next intern will be lucky to have you.

Communications Intern, Olivia Koravos studies professional writing at Fitchburg State University. When she is not working or in school, she enjoys taking trips to local record shops and adding to her extensive vinyl collection. In addition, she is an avid fan of the Boston Celtics and watches most games whenever she can, as her love of basketball helped lead her towards an interest in writing for media.

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