Design and Digital Specialist

Emma Pedersen

If you want to create something that people will truly love, the first step is understanding why they love it; for an aspiring psychologist-turned-artist, that process is a no-brainer. Whether it involves optimizing websites for easier navigation or implementing self-serve processes that enable faster turnaround of custom creations, Emma knows how to get you what you want. With a creative eye and a mindset centered on user experience, she knows that merely catching attention is the easy part – the real fun is in holding it!


This self-driven designer always had an eye for aesthetics, but it was originally her interest for understanding others that led to a degree in psychology. While still in college, Emma found success with making and selling her own posters, canvases, custom sneakers, and more. In no time, Emma Katherine Décor and SneakerVision went from creative hobbies on the side to a central element of her career as a visual designer. Fast forward to today, she brings the same purpose-driven creative eye to projects ranging from immersive and interactive digital reports to beautiful new websites that are as informative as they are visually attractive.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Graphic Design Communication from Roger Williams University


From Paris and Rome to Reykjavík and Copenhagen, you can find her visiting relatives in Denmark or exploring their global neighborhood on a nearly annual basis. While on this side of the Atlantic, she’s happiest on a hike or simply hanging out at the beach with friends. Though she’ll be the first to tell you that she could happily live off of smoked salmon, we have a feeling that Millie, Maybel, and Milo (her three cats) would agree with a resounding “meow!”

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