Our Work: Oztek Corp

Branding Case Study: Aligning a local manufacturing company's brand identity with its plans for the future

CLIENT: Oztek Corp

Founded in 1997, Oztek is a U.S. manufacturer of power conversion modules and systems along with intelligent software tools for complex commercial and industrial applications. With clientele in transportation, manufacturing, solar power and renewable energy storage, and other industries that value rugged quality with unparalleled reliability, Oztek engaged our team to align their brand identity with the products and services they have become known for.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Tradeshow Materials


Our work started with a full rebranding effort that included a new logo and unique graphical elements as well as a bold new tagline to better convey the organization’s values, reputation in the industry and the advantages of its product line. The revitalized branding was also rolled out across existing product sell sheets, which were completely redeveloped to better support the Oztek sales team.



Website design and functionality

Upon completion of the rebranding phase, the existing Oztek website was replaced with a new one that reflected the organization’s sophisticated products and technology through clean, easily navigable design and clear, concise descriptions. An on-site photoshoot was also conducted in tandem to provide a wealth of professional imagery across the new website.

Tradeshow Graphics

With a resurgence of in-person events in 2021, the sales and leadership teams at Oztek were in need of revised tradeshow materials to support their event marketing efforts. Components included a booth backdrop, multiple freestanding retractable banners and product brochures in both printed and digital formats.

Cobranding and Merger Support

With its new brand and elevated presence in the market, Oztek developed and entered into a merger with Trystar in 2022 that will strengthen Trystar’s capabilities in renewable energy and battery energy storage systems.

“I am continually amazed at how poorly many booths at these shows convey the company’s primary messages. One of our early competitors was in direct view from us and I didn’t realize it was them for over a day.

We received a lot of compliments on the booth and the new banners. One visitor even asked if he could take photos, saying it was among the best booths at the show. Our messaging was crystal clear, and the amount of text used was perfect – enough to be meaningful, but short enough to be quickly read.

Overall, it was a very successful show. We expect to get several good customers from it, and our belief that we are on the right track with our products and strategy was reinforced.”

John O’Connor

Oztek President & CEO