Our Work: NH Free Voices

Designing a youth empowerment program for NH's next generation

CLIENT: NH Free Voices

We were awarded a competitive, state-funded grant to work in collaboration with the Governor’s Youth Advisory Council (GYAC) to create a youth empowerment program that gave middle and high school students the correct facts about substance misuse while also shattering the stereotypes about their generation and promoting the positive things they’re doing, no matter how large or how small.

What We Did

  • Branding and logo design
  • Program design and management
  • Youth focus groups and workshops
  • Swag and giveaways

Branding and logo design

To create a youthful brand and logo, we enlisted the help of our most important voices — the teens themselves. By allowing them to vote on their favorite logo, we stayed true to the brand’s promise to let their voices be heard, even when designing the program.

Program design and management

We partnered with youth organizations, like Boys & Girls (B&G) Clubs across the state and the Manchester Police Athletic League (MPAL), to host 12 workshops for teens and pre-teens throughout New Hampshire. Prior to each content workshop, teens completed a pre-workshop “teaser,” which allowed us to gauge what was most important to them. Each one-hour session was with 10-12 diverse, engaged students in two age groups (grades 7-8, grades 9-12).

Youth focus groups and workshops

During these content workshops, students shared what matters most to them. We set up four content stations for students to create digital content such as memes, thought bubbles, photo booths and audio recordings to share with their peers. We focused on strengths-based language by listening to students in unscripted ways talk about school, drugs, social media and anything else.


Swag and giveaways

We created custom swag giveaways for students after each workshop, which included wristbands, stickers, and phone pop sockets. We developed a partnership with a similar mission-minded organization, Life is Good, which donated hats and stickers for the workshops.

I love sharing my voice and encouraging others to share theirs and feel empowered.

I want to be involved in [a program like] Free Voices because everyone’s voice matters, and I want to be a voice for others.