Our Work: Farm & Wilderness Camps

A summer camp ad campaign and custom calendar promotion

CLIENT: Farm & Wilderness Camps

Summer camp is all about memories. Farm & Wilderness (F&W), a Vermont summer camp for kids and teens, came to us for a short-term, summer camp ad campaign in which we solicited memories from former campers and parents. To create a unique yet on-brand vibe, we incorporated F&W’s high-quality, iconic imagery and 12 reasons why one should consider attending an overnight camp at F&W.

What We Did

  • Summer camp ad campaign
  • Copy writing
  • Poster design
  • Calendar design
  • Email marketing

Summer camp ad campaign

F&W engaged our team to create a cohesive print and digital advertising campaign to market all 8 of their unique summer camps under one brand. We developed succinct messaging that complimented the organization’s impressive professional photo library and earthy, inclusive vibe. We introduced a new script font while maintaining core elements outlined in F&W’s brand standards. The result was a friendly, eye-catching campaign that could be used across multiple platforms.

Poster design

Camp calendar design

Using memories from family and former campers, we designed a custom calendar to re-engage former campers to interact through a targeted email campaign. The art and graphic design elements featured thematic photography from F&W’s location in Vermont’s Green Mountains combined with a camper or parent quote. The calendar became a hot commodity and the team at F&W quickly went through their inventory.

Email marketing

To solicit content, we created an email and social media campaign, which targeted F&W’s email database of MailChimp, Hubspot and Facebook contacts. The campaign shared a countdown of “12 Reasons to Go to Camp,” and pushed former campers to a landing page to share a memory or sign up for a free calendar.

calendar giveaways
memories collected