Cookson Communications holiday buzzwords

We wish you a synergistic Christmas, and an engaging New Year

Like the five pounds you will likely gain over the holidays, buzzwords are unavoidable.

They’re the recognizable, understandable crutches we inevitably depend on when we’re too busy/stressed/distracted/ to come up with a brand new way to say that same old thing, again.

They’re everywhere. We all use them. It’s OK.

Accurate, or just annoying?

So why do jargon and those familiar phrases (you know what they are) have such a bad reputation? It’s because they make you sound like everyone else. And you’re not everyone else! You’re a unique snowflake, just waiting for someone to recognize that you deserve to be described in words that haven’t already been haphazardly flung together to describe someone else’s situation.

That’s why we took an unusual approach to let our company’s leader, Matt Cookson, know how much we appreciate the enthusiasm, support, guidance, and friendship he shows each one of us all year long. There’s no greeting card that says, “Thank you for getting excited about our ideas and encouraging us to pursue them,” or gift basket that conveys “We appreciate how you put up with our terrible puns all year long.”

So instead, we started a campaign to raise awareness about those snowflake-stifling buzzwords and to celebrate the fun, smart, and creative leader of our communications and PR firm.

This holiday season, we urge you, too, to think outside the gift box and circle back to those friends, family members and colleagues who mean the world to you, and be direct when you tell them what you appreciate most.

Because we all know, at the end of the day, it’s Silent Night.

See the rest of our How to Use Holiday Buzzwords series on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and tell us how you are reinventing buzzwords and phrases all year long.

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