Bradley Ouellette, summer communications internship

My summer communications internship gig at CSC

I graduated from Franklin Pierce University in May of 2016 and a month later I became an intern at Cookson Strategic Communications (CSC) in downtown Manchester. I graduated with a degree in political science with a minor in philosophy and intelligence and security. I’ve wanted to experience what the world of public relations and communications looked like since my junior year of college. So once out of college, I started to look for an entry-level job but as you might guess, I could not find one that I qualified for. I decided to go out and find an internship to gain the experience I was lacking, and I found a chance at CSC. Since joining CSC in June it has been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much in the four months I have been here. I’ve learned what the worlds of public relations and communications have in store for me and how social media has so much to do with it all by connecting people and companies.

While at CSC, I have worked on a variety of projects from creating media lists for college systems, doing research on a call center, and hunting for RFPs for a local organization, to promoting events for a technology council through event postings, scouting for media who like to receive news related to technology and so much more. I have become a more confident writer and a better researcher. Each and every project I worked on was actual work for clients, not busy work you might find at some organizations and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have learned by doing.

I say goodbye for now to my friends at CSC as I recently accepted a position as a pharmacy tech at PillPack in Manchester. PillPack is a new and growing digital pharmacy that sorts and delivers pills to customer’s doors and I am honored for the opportunity to grow with them.

By: Bradley Ouellette, communications intern

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