Our Work

The Moore Center

Shining the spotlight on employees with internal communications.

Look inside any organization and you’ll discover the most valuable assets are the people who work inside its walls. For The Moore Center, we developed a comprehensive internal communications program to recognize all the “hidden heroes” of this award-winning non-profit. Additionally, we helped with branding, graphic design, public relations, event support, crisis communications and elevating awareness of all the programs and services they provide to their community.

What We Did

  • Internal communications and graphic design
  • Public relations
  • Community Spotlight video series

Internal communications and graphic design

The Moore Center Employee Spotlight is a series of personal, one-on-one interviews with employees to learn about “a day in their life.” Our design team creates posters highlighting what they do in their positions, why they choose to work for The Moore Center and a few fun facts about their personal lives. The posters are displayed at The Moore Center and raise awareness among employees, build morale and increase the number of high-fives between co-workers.

Community Spotlight video series

Piggybacking on the employee spotlight series, we added in a video series and pulled in leading community members and board members who have direct knowledge or experience in the positive work done at the Moore Center. Hosted and directed by one of our staff members, these video interviews were professionally produced and very well-received by all.

Public relations

We handled all of their public relations and provided internal communications support to help ensure consistency of messaging and organizational transparency. We also helped promote some of their larger events, including the Annual Garden Party, which is their largest annual fundraising event. Last, we provided crisis communications support on an as-needed basis.

After our first meeting, I felt that Cookson understood us. They have surpassed our already high expectations and proven to be highly creative, loyal and innovative partners. I feel very lucky to have them on our team!

- Paul Boynton, CEO of the Moore Center