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Our Work: SoClean

NH public relations during the Covid crisis for international company SoClean


SoClean is a rapidly growing smart health technology company offering a whole line of innovative health and wellness products. During the pandemic when PPE was very hard to get, they launched an effort to purchase masks and distribute them to front line workers across New Hampshire at no cost.

What We Did

  • Public relations

Public relations: Masks for New Hampshire

At the start of the Covid crisis in March 2020, PPE shortages and needs were very real across the state of New Hampshire. As a result, we worked closely with the core team to finalize the campaign model, develop promotional roll-out, review logistics and develop a PR and social media promotional effort. The result was the Masks for New Hampshire theme and messaging, geared towards helping all first responders, including healthcare providers, fire fighters and ambulance drivers.

We drafted media releases on the progress towards sourcing and distributing 250,000 masks that helped get more people involved as donors, volunteers and recipients of the masks.

We coordinated mask delivery media events at two hospitals – and was able to get the Governor involved in one – that gained significant media attention, including TV and radio.