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My internship with Cookson Strategic Communications: Day 1

This past Tuesday was my first day with CSC here on Lowell St. in Manchester and so far it has been very interesting! Coming into this position I really didn’t know what to expect as an intern in public relations. I am very fresh to this sector and my only experience in public relations was through a class I had during the Spring of 2017 at UNH Manchester with my teacher Jeff Rapsis, founder of the Hippo Press. During his class, I learned that public relations is a major player in any business strategy towards success, and I’m hoping that I can find and understand that mentality here at CSC. I initially hoped to learn about the ins and outs of public relations to a firm, with regards to crisis management, marketing and social media planning, and even the basics of setting up events and promoting them online.

So far on my first day, I’ve done a lot of “getting into the field”. Dia, my wonderful support here in the office, has had me go through our client lists and their social media sites to get my bases set and to really understand the kind of businesses that CSC works with. It’s extremely diverse, much more so than I had initially expected. From accounting, oil and propane, education, technology, to non-profits, CSC works with so many people from so many different walks of life. I realized that public relations extend far beyond what I had initially learned in class prior to coming here.

As a person growing and understanding the world for what it is every day, I realize that getting the right image out there is very important to success, whether it’s the personal or public image. I also understand that getting the right image across to an audience is important, and finding that perfect target market and implementing that strategy to achieve success lies in the same caliber.

World traveler

I’ve visited all sorts of places, from Europe to China, Canada (of course, who hasn’t?) and even across the United States to the west coast, and I think these trips provided me with a unique perspective on how people actually act and live in different regions. It’s vitally important to touch upon those factors to relate to people from around the world and empathize with them. I’m hoping that my time at CSC, even if just for a semester, will allow me to tap into those experiences I’ve used to find the best ways to get a company’s message across to the correct audience in a way that they will respond positively.

I’m excited to start this new chapter here in Manchester and continue to learn and grow with CSC. I’m ready to start working on projects to help increase our clients’ visibility and hope that our contacts are equally as excited to work with me!

Joe Clifford is a senior at the University of New Hampshire in Manchester and will be graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication. He loves the outdoors with a passion for our National Parks, public lands and of course, the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox. From camping to traveling, you may find him somewhere outside enjoying all that nature has given us. He is an advocate for climate change, sustainability, and education for all and hopes one day to leave the world in a better place than when he entered it.  

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