Matt Cookson & Fred Schall

Cookson Communications and Schall Creative begin strategic partnership

Recognizing their shared values, customer engagement styles and complementary service offerings, Cookson Communications and Schall Creative have entered into a strategic partnership to offer highly integrated digital, visual and content-rich services to current and future clients. These services are custom-designed to help companies and organizations increase visibility with current and future customers and audiences through a variety of communications vehicles.

Cookson Communications brings significant experience in content creation, public relations, branding and design to the partnership. Schall Creative excels at digital marketing, data analytics and web development. The two companies have been working together for six years and have formalized this relationship to further enhance and simplify the services they deliver to a growing customer base.

Cookson Communications and Schall Creative Form Strategic Partnership Cookson Communications and Schall Creative, both of Manchester, New Hampshire, welcome 2020 with a strategic partnership.

“We’ve worked with Fred Schall and his team for several years and recently joined forces on some projects that required expertise across both of our companies. We’ve found that our resources – when combined to meet the growing and complex needs of today’s clients that are looking to navigate multiple channels to connect with their target audiences – fit together very well. We are excited to formalize this relationship,” said Matt Cookson, president and CEO of Cookson Communications.

Founded in 2010, Cookson Communications is a Manchester, New Hampshire based communications agency specializing in public relations, content creation, creative design and branding, digital services and custom consulting services. The company focuses on creating visibility for innovative, growth-oriented businesses across appropriate media channels, redefining PR through creative strategy, and functioning as a valued extension of the client’s marketing team. The company approach is deeply rooted in telling clients’ stories, elevating brand messaging and visuals, and building connections that create better brand recognition.

Cookson Communications and Schall Creative Form Strategic Partnership
Matt Cookson, left and Fred Schall, right

“We’re always looking for ways to improve not only the quality of the final product we deliver our clients but also improving the customer experience that comes with it. We have clients that have been with us for many years and what we hear time and time again is how much they appreciate the personalized service we provide. Cookson shares these core values and together we’ll find new ways to evolve as technology and customer behaviors change,” said Fred Schall, owner of Schall Creative.

Schall Creative is a digital agency that builds brands and drives sales with data research, elegant design and the best marketing and sales software. Founded in 2012 by Fred and Stacey Schall and also located in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire, the agency is the product of a deeply held belief that design can be both beautiful and results-driven. As a result, the company mindset is straight-forward: read the data, make a plan, get creative, do the work.

As part of the agreement, the two companies will serve as preferred vendor partners for current and future clients and team members will work hand-in-hand with clients in a highly integrated way, often through shared project management software. Additionally, the companies are developing new product and service offerings to roll out in 2020 that are now possible by bringing the two companies’ resources together.

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