Tricia Houghton

If your process maps resemble the work of a Middle Ages cartographer or you find yourself relying on Google to locate information within your own organization, you need to get yourself a Trish. When others are content to simply keep the proverbial wheels turning, she’ll be the one clearing away the dust and rust to expose the well-oiled machine hidden beneath.


A selfless supporter and process-oriented powerhouse, Trish came to Cookson Communications by way of New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management where she provided technical and organizational assistance in the state’s emergency response and preparedness. Prior to that, she spent nearly two decades in higher education administration where she led admissions teams and facilitated the creation of new divisions and processes to support school admissions goals.


In addition to her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate, Tricia also holds a black belt in Taekwondo and has dabbled in Muay Thai. When she’s not kicking butt, you can find her in the studio working on her latest painting or breathing new life into old furniture for her antique shop. Hailed as a kitchen alchemist with the uncanny ability to craft a meal from whatever ingredients are available and a lover of seed-to-table cooking from her garden, her dream is to take that talent on the road by converting a classic Volkswagen bus into a miniature food truck.

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