Administrative Coordinator

Christina Bol

Upon meeting Christina, it’s hard to say which is more surprising: the fact that English is not her first or even second, but third, language, or that she was once shy. Affable, eager, and confident, she is someone always ready to lend a hand and help individuals and organizations alike in doing their best.


As a lifelong resident of New Hampshire’s largest city, Christina is a natural when it comes to making connections and facilitating the transfer of knowledge and information. Her ability to identify, replicate, and improve upon successful models is perhaps best exemplified by her work with ROSS (Republic of South Sudan) Leaders, an organization focused on inspiring youth by cultivating community through education, wellness, and cultural identity. While still in college, Christina discovered the nascent organization via social media and, in seeing the potential for positive impact among Manchester’s sizeable South Sudanese population, of which her family is a part, she worked with the non-profit’s leadership to launch the first chapter on the east coast. During her tenure as the Manchester Chapter Director, Christina utilized her strong organizational skills and comprehension of both Dinka and Arabic to build a program that has provided support and services to over 60 local students and their families.

Following her time spent managing a team of staff and volunteers with ROSS Leaders, Christina further honed her administrative aptitude working with charter schools in Boston. It was here that she streamlined data management processes for greater interdepartmental efficiency and supported fundraising research efforts, ultimately resulting in a successful grant application. Today, she brings that same impetus for improvement to Cookson Communications and our clients as our Administrative Coordinator.


Though she calls the Queen City “home”, Christina absolutely loves travelling – especially if the destination is a beach! As someone perfectly at home in the water, this self-described “fish” dreams of pairing her aquatic affinity with her marathon training to eventually compete as a triathlete. When it’s finally time to slow down, you’ll find her relaxing with a good book or sifting through her impressive sneaker collection – she could probably give you an exact number, but let’s just say that likely rivals candidate sightings at the Red Arrow Diner during an election year…

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