CEO Matt Cookson joins Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce board of directors

A good look at the president of CSC

The man’s got talent.

He’s president of a PR firm, so clearly, he’s got talent. But truly, CEO Matt Cookson is gifted. He’s strategic, he’s quick on his feet, he can write better than most – his ability to swiftly draft a communications plan could win competitions. He excels at public speaking, he can tame just about any crisis without breaking a sweat. He doesn’t get stumped or frazzled and he can solve nearly any problem with a blink of an eye, always putting his energies towards a solution. He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever met – through aches, sprains or lack of sleep, he’ll get the job done. He never skips a beat. His only limitation? Not knowing how to rest.

The nicest guy in town (at least we think so).

Kind, thoughtful, caring, generous, considerate, helpful…the list goes on and that’s exactly what Matt is. He doesn’t “pound his chest” so to speak, and never have I heard him raise his voice. Actually, there was this one time when he yelled, “HEY, come check out the HUGE waffle truck right outside!” But that certainly called for a good burst of the normally-tamed vocal cords.

Eight females, plus one.

You read that right. Our office is made up of mostly females with personalities as diverse as a box of crayons. On the rare occasion that our winter or summer intern is a male, Matt’s not alone, but otherwise, he’s it. Picture hair straighteners, dry shampoo, lint brushes, variations of lipstick and shoes of all shapes and sizes throughout the office (okay, I admit it, the shoes are mostly mine). These are just a few of the items you’ll find around our office space. He ignores these little details, appreciates our efforts and carries on with his business. What’s not to love about that!

A flexible schedule and a global “office.”

He’s flexible. There are nine of us at CSC, some of whom are early morning risers who love the peace and quiet of the office first thing, and others who enjoy their mornings at home but are in well after the street lights come on. Whatever our preference, Matt accommodates. Additionally, he’s in tune with modern trends and is fine with us working from a home office in the NH seacoast for example, in a living room that overlooks the lake in Meredith or even at an Airbnb in Costa Rica. We get the job done for our clients and he’s clear that this is the priority, regardless of location or time of day.

Micro-managing – is that a thing?

Sure, we’ve heard of managers, directors, VPs and all sorts of leaders who can’t seem to kick the habit of micro-managing their employees. At CSC that’s not our style, and certainly not Matt’s. He’s confident in his employees and their talents. He trusts us. The result? We operate as leaders and treat the company as it were our own, which means we take pride in our work and make sure we deliver 110% each and every time.

In summary, we’re glad to work alongside Matt at CSC. One might say it’s not typical to find a blog on an agency website that raves about the president, but you could say that he’s not the typical president nor is the agency he founded in 2010 what you might expect – in a good way of course. Here’s to a great 2018!

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